‘For The Moment, vol. 1’ out now

Cover art by Rami Mursula

For The Moment, vol. 1 (Svart Records 2020 (digital), Fruits de Mer Records 2021 (vinyl)) is the first release in a series of live recordings that aims to capture Superfjord at their purest and most improvisatory. As its name implies, the new live series is all about what happens in the Moment – in that exploratory, eternal Now of live performance.

‘For The Moment, vol. 1’ features excerpts – or captured Moments – from Superfjord’s January 2020 concert at Helsinki’s G Livelab. The venue’s state-of-the-art audio fidelity and cozy atmosphere allowed the band an ideal opportunity to chase after that chakra-opening critical mass, where band and audience travel together through no one knows what exactly. 

Sit back and surrender to the Moment.

Available on vinyl via Clearspot Distribution or wherever and whenever Superfjord plays live.

Available digitally on all major streaming platforms and as a digital download via Bandcamp.


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